Final Fantasy XV PS4 PlayStation 4 1

This author's not entirely sure why office JRPG hype merchant Robert Ramsey didn't post this, but perhaps it carries more weight if your resident Final Fantasy sceptic covers it instead. Game Informer announced its new cover story this week, and it's, of course, all about Final Fantasy XV. But while some of the meatier details have already filtered out, we figured that it was worth spotlighting the cover – which is, frankly, amazing.

In it, we see Noctis and his father King Regis slumped upon a regal looking leather settee. Above them is an oil painting of the pair in their earlier days. It's just really bloody good; we're a little bit in love with some of the long-awaited sequel's character and architecture designs. We just pray that the writing and, crucially, voice acting measures up, because the art direction is absolutely outstanding.