Aragami PS4 PlayStation 4 1

While, as fans of the franchise, we feel that Assassin's Creed has more than earned its break, there is something comforting about sneaking through an intricately rendered historical setting each Christmas. Fortunately, it looks like Aragami – an upcoming undercover adventure by Spanish indie Lince Works – may fill the void.

The game sees you play as an undead assassin – but don't worry, there don't appear to be any zombies involved. Instead, your hero has brought a few tricks from beyond the grave, including the ability to "blink" between shadows, materialise weapons, and more. Sure, it all sounds a bit "gamey", but could make for some exciting espionage.

"Your dark journey starts when you are brought to life by Yamiko, a mysterious girl that asks for your help in getting her out of the mountainous fortress of Kyuryu," studio director David León wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "Freeing her from her prison is the key to uncovering the secrets of your past life."

As with all good stealth games, you'll be able to play exactly how you want to: lethal and violently or silent and peacefully. Depending upon which style you choose, you'll unlock new abilities as you progress to make your task more manageable. It sounds good, doesn't it? Couple that with a feudal setting and an Okami-inspired art style and… Well, this could be one to keep an eye on.

It's due out later this year on the PlayStation 4.