Thumper PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Take it from someone who's played it: Thumper is freakin' rad. The aggressive rhythm game serves up a retina erasing concoction of Cool Running and Tron, where you control a bobsleigh-esque space beetle through neon environments, smashing against right-angle bends and breaking through gates. It's nauseating insanity.

And soon you'll be able to enjoy Drool's sensory overload on a PlayStation VR headset, as the title's been announced for Sony's magical mask. "Against our better judgement, we recently got the game running on PlayStation VR," developer Marc Flury explained on the PlayStation Blog. "We can confirm that not only is it intense, it's completely overwhelming."

He continued: "Developing for PlayStation VR has been so exciting because Thumper's gameplay translates perfectly and feels amazing on a high framerate display. At the same time, VR transforms the experience in ways that we didn't expect. We'll have more to say about Thumper VR soon, but one thing is for sure: the entire game will be playable in both 2D and VR."

The studio's targeting a release later this year, which should give you just enough time to stock up on sick bags.