You may recall that back in December we reported on a big opportunity for players of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Basically, if you hopped online for a spot of adventuring over a certain period, you'd be automatically entered into a prize draw to win $1 million. A tempting proposal indeed.

And hey, someone's only gone and won the bloody money. Enter Ryan Rager, a Californian who's probably bouncing off the walls right now. Ryan says that the money's going towards a wedding for him and his fiancée of four years, as well as a honeymoon and a new TV. Good luck to him.

Of course, the sad part of this story is that we didn't end up winning, but if we had, we suppose that we wouldn't be sitting here right now writing up lovely news stories for you to read. Yep, we'd be long gone, soaking up the sun and completely ignoring the internet for the rest of our lives. Silver linings and all that.