PlayStation 4 PS4 1

Despite requests from Sony not to share any specific details regarding PlayStation 4 firmware update v3.50, the full feature list has... Well, inevitably leaked on Twitter. And there's much more to the system software overhaul than the ability to receive friend notifications and to appear offline. In fact, there are quite a few features that the platform holder's yet to officially announce.

For instance, according to the patch notes, you'll now be able to view the PlayStation Network's status from the console itself. You'll also be able to send party invitations to communities and share 'What's New' activities with others, while Sub Account functionality will be improved for users of a "certain age". Accessibility options will also be compatible with "more features".

Still not a huge list of improvements, then, but there's some decent stuff in there. Have any of these improved your opinion of the upcoming update? Don't break your NDA in the comments section below.