the division gameplay.jpg

We all love a good rant here at Push Square, and this editor's gone off on one after watching the latest trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division. Is it a bad video? Not particularly, but it's just so bloody predictable.

Website quotes saying that it's the best thing since sliced bread: check. Grizzled military type shouting some bollocks about everything going to hell: check. Constant cuts to black: check. Gameplay clips that make it look like a typical blockbuster shooter: check. Pre-order bonus details at the end: check. Welcome to AAA: The Game: The Trailer.

Now, we get that this video isn't for us. We already know that The Division is more than likely going to be a solid title - we're just so tired of seeing what is essentially the exact same trailer for every single big budget release these days.

Anyway, are you looking forward to The Division, or are you cautiously waiting for reviews? Cut to black in the comments section below.