Street Fighter V 5 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Capcom's web servers are crumbling like Street Fighter V's netcode on launch day, but we've managed to get on its blog long enough to obtain full details on the fighter's first major update. Due out on an undetermined day later this month, the title's inaugural free update will add challenges, bug fixes, and better battle lobbies to the critically acclaimed brawler – but there's still no word on an Arcade Mode.

The biggest addition for solo players will arrive in the guise of Challenge Mode, where you'll be taught the basics of brawling right the way through to more advanced manoeuvres. There'll be specialised tutorials for the entirety of the title's roster, too – which will, we assume, help you to understand what all of the cast's V-Skills do. This invaluable addition will be accompanied by combo trials for all of the characters as well.

Other improvements include the incorporation of the in-game shop, where you'll be able to nab new challenger Alex alongside a bevy of costumes. A rematch button will also be added to online rounds, while Battle Lounge will now support up to eight players – and yes, there'll be a spectator option as well. Finally.

The publisher's also worked on fixing some of the title's bugs: Vega will be refrained from floating into space after performing Bloody Kiss, while costume colours will no longer be lost into the ether after you restart the game. All positive news, then – but the update's still unlikely to satisfy those looking for more single player content. You can find the full patch notes through here, but be sure to find your fist in the comments section below by letting us know what you think.