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Sony has once again reiterated its stance on cross-platform play following Microsoft's supposed statement regarding the concept. Speaking to Sony bigwig Adam Boyes at GDC, Game Informer reports that the Japanese giant certainly isn't against the idea of cross-platform play - but again, this is nothing new as far as Sony's concerned.

"For us, it's not a new thing", Boyes states. "If you go back to PS3 days, we had Dust 514 tied into EVE Online. Paragon is PS4/PC cross-play, and so is Street Fighter V. There are a ton of games that have had it. Portal 2 had Steam integration, and we've had other games that have allowed you to import your Xbox save content on PlayStation, like Diablo III and Grand Theft Auto V," he explains.

However, even taking Sony's apparent open attitude into account, Boyes goes on to say that cross-platform play isn't something that the company can just enable across every title that appears on its systems. "It's all about what the developers and publishers want to do. They get in touch with us and handle everything on a case by case basis," he reveals.

We reckon that's a fair response, but what do you make of all this cross-platform patter? Jump the gun in the comments section below.