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Take these rumours with a pinch of salt, but, according to a source close to Dual Pixels, Activision is about to release a lot of news concerning its upcoming games. While the source has proved to be reliable in the past, making many correct predictions/leaks, it doesn't hurt to be sceptical.

The biggest news (arguably) is that the next Call of Duty game will be subtitled Bloodlines and is slated to release in Fall/Autumn this year. This would mark a departure from Infinity Ward's poorly-received Call of Duty: Ghosts, and the Bloodlines subtitle may suggest that the next game will take place in the past. A new Skylanders game – sorry, parents – is also rumoured to be releasing around that time.

In 2017, Activision will apparently team up with Platinum Games to release a new Spider-Man game, titled Spider-Man: The First Avenger. This one does seem a little weird, considering that Captain America: The First Avenger exists, but this could be a working title – or just plain lies. Fingers crossed that it's as good as the Spider-Man 2 game, and fingers doubly-crossed that Tobey Maguire will reprise his role. You know you want it.

Lastly, it appears that a Destiny expansion, Beyond Destiny, will be coming out in Holiday/Winter 2017, but that's about all of the information given.

Do you believe any of these rumours? Would you want a historical Call of Duty or a Destiny sequel? Scream wildly while a building crumbles behind you in the comments.