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With the announcement of games such as Battalion 1944 and Verdun for PlayStation 4, it seems that many shooter fans are yearning for simpler times, rather than the futuristic settings that franchises like Call of Duty have taken to. Still, if all rumours are correct, then the game will be set even further in the future than ever before, according to NeoGAF user Shinobi602 in a thread concerning the next instalment of the AAA franchise.

When asked if the next Call of Duty would be "Battlefield 2142-style", the so-called insider replied: "Very far future. Space combat. Full on sci-fi." While that sounds extremely ludicrous and would be a huge departure for the franchise, Shinobi602 has a good track record with the series – and the more reliable has since said that it's heard similar things on the grapevine. Still, it never hurts to be sceptical, especially because of the insane nature of this rumour.

Would you be happy with a far-future Call of Duty, or do you want a historical shooter? Do an aileron roll in the comments below.

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