Push Square Podcast Episode 1

You spoke – and we listened. We're very happy to announce the birth of the Push Square Podcast, hosted by our resident duo of Bens. Ben Potter, who you'll certainly recognise from our video section – the basket case responsible for our cracking Game of the Month flicks – and Ben Tarrant, who's been reviewing with us for several years.

This is exactly what it says on the tin: a pilot. As such, it's fairly rough around the edges to say the least and features a placeholder name the Bens used for the sake of conversation, which will not feature in future episodes. It also doesn't include the planned audience participation section because, well, you guys didn't know about this so how could we talk to you? Now that the veil of secrecy has been lifted, however, we'll be reaching out to you guys via our forums for stuff in each episode.

Speaking of the forums, if you have any suggestions, requests, or you simply want to tell Ben T that he needs to hurry up and play Uncharted [Wait, what – Ed?] – post them through here. The Bens will keep a close watch on them, and work to build the podcast around feedback – this is for you, the players, after all.

Anyway, enough words. The podcast can be found below. We hope that you enjoy this pilot and tune in to our future episodes! We look forward to hearing your feedback in the comment section below or in the forums.

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