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Grand Theft Auto Online, despite being over two years old, is still getting regular free updates, and this month isn't any different – the Lowriders: Custom Classics update adds plenty of new content to Rockstar's online world, including new cars, clothes, weapons, and a new mode.

The all-new Dundreary Virgo Classic has been added and is now customisable in Benny's Original Motor Works, and players have also been granted the ability to fully customise the existing Vapid Slamvan and Willard Faction – the latter being renamed the Custom Donk.

New weapons have also been added, with the automatic Compact Rifle and the Double-Barrel Shotgun now being available, as well as plenty of new clothes, 16 new tattoos, and three snazzy hairstyles. A new Adversary Mode, Sumo, is now available too, which has you working as a team or as an individual to push all other cars off the top of the Maze Bank building.

Will you blowing the dust off of your Grand Theft Auto V disk to play this new update? Or has the game become stale for you? Hit them corners in the low-lows in the comments below.