Vampyr PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Select press recently received a behind closed doors look at PlayStation 4 gothic horror Vampyr, but fans weren't given any new gameplay footage to feast on. Fortunately, a few precious seconds of off-screen action from the upcoming role-playing release have leaked online – though the quality's not especially great.

There's a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen noting that this is all pre-alpha stuff, so don't expect it to be anywhere near to finished yet. Regardless, we hate to say it, but there's definite Bloodborne inspiration here – sorry! – as the outing's blood-thirsty lead swings a hatchet around just like the Saw Cleaver from the popular PS4 exclusive.

If you're eager to know a little more about this dreary romp through London, then we recently put together a feature outlining its more intricate points, which you can find through here.