Turok PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Those of you who grew up during the Nintendo 64 era will likely be familiar with Turok – after all, Dinosaur Hunter and its sequel Seeds of Evil were two of the most popular third-party titles available on the console. There's good news, then: Night Dive Studios, a team dedicated to remastering old games, is considering bringing the classics to the PlayStation 4 – assuming y'all want them, of course.

While the group's only announced Xbox One versions at the time of typing, it's said that it's "evaluating" Sony's system. With the install base of the PS4 being so large, we reckon that all it will take is a bit of noise from PlayStation fans to twist the developer's arm. But is this a series that you're interested in replaying? Yell 'I AM TUROK' in the comments section below.

[source twitter.com, via xboxachievements.com]