destiny variks.jpg

All of you Guardians had better get used to seeing Variks' ugly mug on a regular basis, because the Prison of Elders is coming back with a bang as part of April's big Destiny update. Bungie revealed in its most recent livestream that those who own The Taken King can look forward to a new level 41 challenge, as well as a new points system that lets you snag high-end loot from the aforementioned overseer.

The Prison of Elders isn't the only addition worth pointing out, however. General improvements include an increased light level cap of 335, new bounties, new quest lines, an updated Reef hub, and a brand new Strike. What's more, Winter's Run, a Strike that's been present since the title launched, will be brought forward to the higher difficulty playlists, and will sport a new Taken boss.

Did you enjoy the Prison of Elders back when it was worth doing? How does this revamped version sound? Head back to the airlock in the comments section below.