doa x3.jpg

We've seen more than enough of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to know that it's not afraid of being a bit, er, risqué, and we dare say that its latest trailer is the most shameless example of that yet. Five minutes of fun in the sun await, but for God's sake, make sure that no one sees you watching this at work.

Okay, so we honestly can't say much about what the video includes because we'd likely never live it down, but if you're at this point, reading these very words, then you probably already know what's in store. The game's due out in Japan later this month, and there are currently no plans for a Western release. We can't imagine why.

What are your thoughts on Xtreme 3? Is it a touch too far, or is it just dumb fun? Head on down to the beach in the comments section below.