destiny april update.jpg

Thanks to yesterday's livestream, we learned quite a lot about what Bungie's bringing to the table in terms of rewards and progression with Destiny's April update. As you'd imagine, new weapons and armour will be up for grabs, including gear sets that can be altered using Chroma - a new resource that to adds neon tints to your items. You can use Chroma in tandem with regular shaders, too, so there's going to be more room for character customisation than ever before.

But fresh loot isn't the only bullet point here. In a couple of rather clever moves, the developer's tweaking the way that you'll power up your Guardian - and these changes seem very welcome indeed. First off, infusing equipment with more powerful gear in order to boost its light level will be much more effective. When you infuse an item, that item will now rise to the level of the consumed equipment - there's no middle ground. In other words, if you snag a 330 light shotgun that you're never going to use, and want to upgrade a 290 exotic weapon, you can consume said shotgun and watch your exotic rocket straight to 330, which should make progression feel much less gradual when it comes to powerful gear.

On top of the reworked infusion system, reputation gains across all factions will be increased "dramatically", allowing you to rank up and collect reward packages more often, and the equipment found in these packages can scale all the way up to 330 light. Better get grinding, we suppose.

So, are these subtle but important tweaks going to be enough to tempt you back to Destiny? Choose a faction in the comments section below.