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Back when Shenmue launched for the Dreamcast in 1999, the concept of QTEs was brand new. Yu Suzuki's pioneering 80s adventure for the first time ever required you to be paying attention during cut-scenes: a flailing fist, a falling pot, a slippery road – button prompts would appear on screen and require inputs lest the sequence branch in an unwanted direction and send you hurtling towards a game over screen.

But in the years since, the mechanic has lost its lustre. Tapping triggers to open chests in God of War or punch rocks in Resident Evil 5 have left many rolling their eyes, and the system that was once lauded now serves as a source of irritation. So will it return in Shenmue III? The answer, according to an interview with the director posted by Red Bull, is a resounding yes. "I believe that it is a fundamental technique that allows a broad range of players to actively participate in the dramatic performances of a game," he said.

The good news is that the legendary developer is looking to elevate the format: "I would like to take up the challenge of creating the next evolution of the QTE," he hinted cryptically. There's no word on which direction Ys Net will take, but Suzuki-san did clarify elsewhere in the interview that production is progressing well and that protagonist Ryo Hazuki's arc won't conclude in the all-new instalment.

"I'm afraid that the story will not be concluded with Shenmue III," he said. "After thinking it through, we decided that forcing a conclusion in Shenmue III would only make the story feel rushed and compromise the game as a whole. I hope that we can make Shenmue III a success so that fans will be excited for a further instalment."