valkyria azure.jpg

Valkyria Chronicles must have done something right, because it got editor Sammy Barker to actually play a strategy game. The PlayStation 3 title is adored by many, but clearly, SEGA reckons that the series needs shaken up, and so here we are with the playable demo of Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

Japanese players nabbed the demo along with Valkyria Chronicles Remastered - which is due out later this year in the West - and, to be totally honest, we're not too keen on what we're seeing. We've known for a while that Azure Revolution would be different from its predecessors, but even so, the 40 minute gameplay video that the publisher's released isn't exactly filling us with confidence for the finished product.

Your turn based tactical battles are gone, and in their place is a combat system that's sat somewhere between being a hack and slasher and a weird third-person shooter. You move through a linear map bit by bit with a party of three, taking down groups of enemies as you go. In short, we're just not sure what to make of it - this certainly isn't the Valkyria Chronicles that we know.

Take a look at the aforementioned video that we've embedded, and let us know how you think it looks in the comments section below.