The Division PS4 PlayStation 4 Open Beta 1

Is this really necessary? Tom Clancy's The Division is riding high on pre-order charts, has a ton of marketing muscle behind it, and is clearly going to be a very popular game, so we're not sure why publisher Ubisoft is desperate for it to break records. Alas, it's had its PR team blast out some big news today: the game's beta is the "biggest ever for a new game brand on current generation platforms". Presumably it's the most played beta enjoyed in conjunction with stuffed crust pepperoni pizza on a Friday night in February 2016, too.

An incredible 6.4 million people tested out the open world shooter, which is more than the 4.6 million that Destiny attracted in 2014. Does any of this really matter? No, but here are some more stats for you: participants spent an average of five hours with the beta, over 50 per cent went rogue in the Dark Zone, and a total of 63 million items were extracted. Now we can all get on with our day safe in the knowledge that The Division is officially a Big Deal™.