Hectic hack and slash action title Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is slicing its way onto PlayStation 4 later this month. The game originally released on PC back in 2014, and taking a quick peek at a few gameplay videos has made us realise that this could be a Japanese indie worth keeping an eye on.

It launches on the North American PlayStation Store on the 16th February, and it'll cost $11.99. And, while there's no official word on it just yet, we have to imagine that the release will also be coming to Europe, provided Sony of the Old World hasn't buggered something up again. We're looking at you, Gone Home.

Anyway, aside from being a pain to type, Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is, as we've mentioned, a super fast action game that follows the story of two friends - one of whom steals a demonic sword and has to be stopped. Apparently, it boasts a "unique combo finishing system inspired by classic samurai movies and anime". Hopefully it lives up to its potential.

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