The Witness PS4 PlayStation 4 1

We're currently seeing lines in our sleep, and it sounds like we're not the only ones. The Witness – which launched on the PlayStation 4 last week – is selling almost as fast as graph paper right now, with creator Jonathan Blow revealing that the title has already raked in $5 million of revenue after selling over 100,000 copies across various platforms.

The developer couldn't share specific platform breakdowns, but he stressed that the head scratcher is performing "very strongly" on the PlayStation Network, with first week sales outpacing those of Braid – despite the higher price point. In fact, the game has pulled in more money in its opening week than its aforementioned predecessor managed in an entire year – but the situation is obviously different.

Despite the very impressive start, though, Blow was eager to point out that the project has yet to break even. Fortunately, he added that the objective was never about making money in the first place. "We were trying to build a beautiful, interesting, intricate thing, first and foremost," he said. "The money just helps us to stay in business in order to build new things."

Indies, eh?