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PlayStation VR is still officially due out before July, but we don't think that anyone believes that at this juncture. Our understanding is that the hardware's finished, but Sony's waiting for the software to catch up. And perhaps recognising that developers are still a fair few months off, it may have delayed its ambitious headset into the fall.

That's what US uber-retailer GameStop thinks anyway, as CEO Paul Raines let slip during a FOX Business interview that the PlayStation 4 peripheral may yet be a few months away. "We're getting ready for [virtual reality]," he said. "We'll launch the Sony product this fall, and we're in discussions with the other two players."

Raines could very well be mistaken, but considering the importance of this launch for both Sony and his company, we very much doubt that he'd get it wrong. Fall typically spans September through until late December, and we could definitely see PlayStation VR launching during those months. If nothing else, it would define the Japanese giant's Christmas push.

But can you wait that long? From our perspective, it's very important that the platform holder has a strong software lineup for the headset, otherwise it's going to struggle to convince consumers to shell out for the accessory. Games, obviously, take time to develop, so if a delay results in a stronger portfolio of titles, then we can wait a few more months.

How about you?

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