Best make like Sammy and get Sophie Ellis-Bextor on YouTube, because brutal indie Party Hard is bringing murder to the dancefloor that is your PlayStation 4 in the near future.

The game sees you take control of a disgruntled neighbour who can't sleep due to bass-thumping house parties. Obviously, the only way to get a good night's kip is by infiltrating the offending residence and disposing of everyone in sight - and by disposing we don't mean drinking them under the table.

How you poop each party is entirely up to you, as the title offers various ways to deal with the unfortunate guests. It's a hectic mix of stealth kills, bloody murder, and dark comedy as you attempt to whack everyone without getting caught. To be honest, we think that the concept's rather genius, although we obviously don't condone murdering people in cold blood just because you can't have a nap.

Will you be keeping one eye open for this one? Pretend to turn down the music in the comments section below.