ninja senki dx ps4 vita.jpg

If you're itching for some classic platforming gameplay on PlayStation 4 or Vita, you may want to check out Ninja Senki DX, which is dashing onto both of Sony's consoles later this month. With retro 8-bit graphics, this is a platformer that certainly looks the part, as you take on the role of Hayate - a ninja out for revenge.

DX is actually a re-release of the freeware original, which launched back in 2010. However, it's been enhanced with a remixed soundtrack, an all-new challenge mode, other "secret" game modes, refreshed menus, and a some redrawn enemy sprites. Apparently, there's even a new playable character that only "dedicated" players will be able to unlock - sounds like someone's throwing down the gauntlet to us. The game launches on the 23rd February.