Mass Effect: Andromeda's lead writer, Chris Shlerf, has revealed that he's left the project and is now working at Bungie on Destiny. Going by Shlerf's tweets on the matter, it would appear as though his role has been fulfilled when it comes to BioWare's latest, with him leaving on good terms with the Canadian developer.

"Sincerely one of the best experiences of my career - I'm incredibly grateful to have worked with such talented and truly wonderful human beings," he wrote in a rather warm message. Shlerf went on to say that he thinks Andromeda will "blow people away", and that he "couldn't be prouder" to be a part of it. That's filled our weekly quota for "the next Mass Effect is going to be good" tweets, then.

Before writing at BioWare, Shlerf worked on Halo 4, so it's safe to say that the man knows his sci-fi. With any luck, he'll help bring some better writing to Destiny's future endeavours.