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The first DLC in Just Cause 3's Season Pass, Sky Fortress, has been announced via an explosive trailer on YouTube. The add-on launches in March (a week earlier for Season Pass holders) and – according to Square Enix – adds three to four hours of new gameplay thanks to a slew of new missions and challenges. More importantly, it adds the Bavarium Wingsuit, a new method of flying that adds rockets and a Bavarium machine gun to the already-excellent wingsuit, as well as some new armaments such as the Bavarium Splitter assault rifle and drones that can defend Rico.

Not only that, but Square Enix has also announced the other two DLCs that will complete the Season Pass: the Mech Land Assault pack will add the titular mech to the game as well as some new missions and challenges, followed by the Bavarium Sea Heist expansion. All three packs are expected to be released by the end of summer this year.

Will you be picking up this new DLC, or even buying the Season Pass? Do you think that the Sky Fortress pack adds enough to justify the price? Overthrow a dictator and cause excessive collateral damage in the process in the comments below.

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