DriveClub's latest update is out now, and it's packing more than just the usual under-the-hood tweaks. This time the PlayStation 4 exclusive's been given some new bodywork, in the form of an urban stage named Old Town. You can find the location in the title's Scotland tab, with six short circuit variants to try. As with other tracks in the game, they're all based upon a common location.

And the Edinburgh-esque backdrop should prove a change of pace for veterans. It's not quite the metropolis that some may have been hoping for, but it bridges the gap between the release's rural roads with a more built-up area: coffee shops border cobbled roads, while hilltop churches tower in the background. It feels very authentic.

Naturally, it's yours to tamper with as well. All of the time of day features from the main game return, as do the weather options, meaning that you can set up races or time trials in a dizzying array of conditions. Lights in buildings will turn on if you race at night, enabling you to go crazy with the bokeh effects in the release's photo mode if you fancy a spot of virtual tourism.

Sure, this is more a mini-location than an addition on par with the title's on-disc tracks, but considering that it's free, it's difficult to be too disappointed. New single player events based upon the addition will be added later this month, but you're free to create challenges for your friends right now. What do you think of the new city, though? Race with the roof down in the comments section below.