Farming Simulator 17 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Duck for cover and cull the crops: Farming Simulator 17 has been announced for the PlayStation 4 – sort of. If you're a hay-ter and think that this series is a load of bull, then it's worth noting that thistle only take a minute – details are light on the ground at the moment. Focus Home Interactive has said that it'll dig up a gnu entry in the popular agricultural property later this year, but it didn't specify which consoles would bear the fruits of its labour.

It's safe to assume that the farm fresh PS4 will be the recipient of a harvest basket, but previous entries have launched on the PlayStation 3 as well, so it'll be interesting to see whether the publisher thinks that the system is past its sell-by date. Giants Software is, once again, on development duties, and you can probably expect the same formula as previous entries – just with new equipment and environments added to the already a-maize-ing broth.

We can barley wait.