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Going by a load of new information regarding Dragon Quest Heroes II, it's really starting to sound like this'll be a sequel that improves upon just about everything that the first game did right. The info comes direct from a recent Square Enix broadcast, kindly translated by Gematsu.

Alongside a rousing new trailer - which we've embedded at the bottom of this article - the publisher detailed several fresh features that are coming to the title. First off, you'll be able to explore more open environments this time around. Unsurprisingly, enemies will still inhabit the wilderness, but it seems as though you won't just be jumping from one battlefield to the next. Apparently, these areas will also boast a weather system.

Next on the agenda is co-op - a much requested feature after it was missing in the original Dragon Quest Heroes. You'll be able to band together with up to three other players in order to tackle story missions and test your skills in an exclusive multiplayer dungeon.

And finally, some characters from the first title will be making a comeback as free downloadable content. However, it looks as though these additional party members won't be available to play as in the story, so we imagine that they'll be confined to a specific mode. Yangus won't be happy.

How do you think all of this sounds? Are you up for more Dragon Quest Heroes or were you not so hot on the original? Prepare to whack some monsters in the comments section below.

[source gematsu.com]