doom ps4 date.jpg

Better start stocking up on ammo, because DOOM finally has a confirmed release date. The new-gen shooter has looked great in the footage that we've seen of it so far, with chaotic, brutal battles against ugly, ugly enemies taking precedence over the usual bells and whistles that so many shooters get bogged down with these days.

He's not pretty

The game's out on the 13th May, and its latest trailer is, unsurprisingly, stuffed with blood, gruesome takedowns, and heavy guitars. What's more, Bethesda's announced that a collector's edition will be up for grabs at launch, while features a statue of the title's revenant enemy and a metal case. It'll apparently set you back a hefty $119/£99. Meanwhile, those who pre-order the release will get their hands on a bunch of multiplayer downloadable content, including skins, paint colours, emblems, and consumables. Pretty standard stuff, we suppose.

Are you up for slaughtering hordes from Hell in just a few months? Lock and load in the comments section below.