street fighter v missing characters ps4.jpg

There's a weird bug going on in Street Fighter V right now, only adding to the brawler's somewhat controversial launch. As you may already know, Capcom's latest sports 16 playable characters from Ken and his banana hair to the snot flicking Birdie, but this particular issue actually sees fighters disappear from your available roster.

In other words, when you go to the character select screen, there's a chance that someone will be missing. At the time of writing, this problem is being reported all over social media – sometimes accompanied by screenshots – and no one seems to a have a definite reason for why it's happening. Some suggest that it's to do with the title's install, while others say that it's actually the fault of dodgy servers. Either way, being unable to pick your favourite fighter's gotta be pretty frustrating.

Have you encountered this bug? Do you have any idea what may be causing it? Grab your main character and hold onto them in the comments section below.