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Bulkhead Studios – creators of first-person puzzler Pneuma: Breath of Life – has just announced a new game on Kickstarter that's vastly different to its previous project: Battalion 1944, a World War II multiplayer shooter in the veins of Medal of Honor and the early Call of Duty series. While it's a long way off – if it reaches its £100,000 goal, it should release on the PlayStation 4 in time for May 2017 – the pre-alpha footage looks beautiful so far, and Bulkhead have even taken a trip to France in order to capture and scan locations and guns.

While it's a long, long way off before we're able to judge Battalion 1944, the developer is promising skill-based gameplay that isn't affected by unlocks, a variety of game modes, plenty of maps based on real-world locations such as Bastogne, and plenty of customisation, from gun engraving to soldier clothing. A nice extra is also added LAN support, which almost no multiplayer games seem to support anymore.

Are you convinced that Bulkhead can bring back WWII – or is the future where shooters belong? Don't snipe in Carentan in the comments below.