Ark Survival Evolved PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Ark: Survival Evolved, the open world dinosaur sim from Studio Wildcard, is already chewing chunks out of the Xbox One player base, but it's not currently available on the PlayStation 4. The game's been confirmed for Sony's system, of course, but because the Japanese giant doesn't currently offer an Early Access program, fans of the PlayStation platform are being made to wait.

It's worth pointing out that this may be a good thing: Digital Foundry recently ran a preliminary test of the unfinished Xbox One release, and it wasn't pretty. Alas, if you can put up with sub-720p resolutions and framerates that sink to single digits, then the developer reckons that you should be asking Sony for an Early Access category on the PlayStation Store.

"Make sure to ask [Sony] for an Early Access program if you want Ark: Survival Evolved on the PS4 before it finally launches," co-creative director Jesse Rapczak wrote on Twitter. Y'know, we're torn on this subject: it feels, once again, like the Japanese giant's limiting our choice by not offering this kind of functionality. But most games are broken enough when they're "completed" – do we really want unfinished ones, too?

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