Valkyria Chronicles PS4 PlayStation 4 1

SEGA's caught the announcement of an announcement bug, as it's been busy teasing away for a few days now. Its previous hint turned out to be a Nintendo 3DS compilation cartridge, but its latest hint may rustle the jimmies of PlayStation 4 fans. Over on its official Twitter account, the publisher has uploaded a jigsaw puzzle for underrated PlayStation 3 exclusive Valkyria Chronicles. Could the recently announced new-gen port be stomping overseas?

Well, that would be the natural assumption, wouldn't it? The company says that all will be revealed on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed. Seeing as the sketched strategy title is a bit of a cult classic, we reckon that the remastered release could sell really well on Western shores with the right price point. Well, we'd certainly snatch up a copy here at Push Square Towers – but what about you? Plan your next move in the comments section below.