PlayStation Plus February 2016 PS4 PS3 Vita

It's time once again to dig out your very best tap shoes and get ready to stomp them silly when February's big PlayStation Plus update inevitably doesn't live up to your expectations. While there's no official word from Sony at the time of typing, we're expecting it to reveal next month's roster of free releases at some point over the coming days, so we may as well revel in a spot of speculation before we're dealt a dose of reality.

One game that apparently won't be making the lineup is rhythm-based roguelike Crypt of the Necrodancer, which the developer has ruled out of the running. Other potential PlayStation 4 candidates include Not a Hero – which, let's be honest, is quite likely – and the slightly less likely Amazing Discoveries in Outer-Space. Of course, that's if Sony even plumps up for a new release in the first place.

Indeed, there's always a good chance that it will dip into the archives, with launch titles Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack surely on the docket soon. While we've remained relatively happy with Sony's subscription service since the PS4's launch, there's definitely a growing sentiment that the manufacturer needs to shake things up, so what would make you a happy camper next month? Keep it realistic in the comments section below.