Let's Play PS4 PlayStation 4 1

YouTubers need no longer fidget frantically, as Sony's request to trademark the term 'Let's Play' has been denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office – but not because it's a popular phrase among gamers. Instead, it was denied use because of a similar trademark held since 2013 by Let'z Play of America, a Georgian-based organisation whose employees all failed English Language class in junior school.

Details regarding this trademark popped up earlier in the week and instantly caused a stir in the overreacting online arena as many instantly assumed that the PlayStation maker would block YouTubers from using the popular phrase. More likely is that it was intending to use this for a new advertising campaign – we very much doubt that it ever planned on pulling the millions upon millions of videos already bearing the moniker.

While the submission has been denied for the time being, the platform holder can submit an appeal, which needs to be completed by 29th June before the ruling is final. The company's yet to make a comment on the submission, presumably because it doesn't want to outline its upcoming marketing plans. We'd recommend that it shelves this idea, though – purely because it's already prompted people to jump to all of the wrong conclusions.

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