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Let's cut right to the reality of the situation: Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is a game that's undoubtedly going to slip under the radar. A Warriors title that's based on a modern recreation of a classic manga and anime series that was never a big deal here in the West, it's almost destined for obscurity - but for those of you who are interested in giving it a look, we're here to remind you that the game's getting a PlayStation 4 demo tomorrow.

The hack and slasher's been out in Japan since October of least year, and as far as we're aware, it was reasonably well received in its homeland. Taking the traditional musou template - which involves unleashing over-the-top attacks on entire enemy armies - the title puts a twist on the formula with a handful of tactical commands that can be used to conquer the battlefield. With any luck, the demo will give us a decent glimpse of what we can expect from the full release.

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