destiny microtransactions.png

Destiny's free-to-play future is looking more and more like an inevitability if this latest rumour is to be believed. According to VG247, brand new microtransactions will soon be worming their way into Bungie's shooter.

Unnamed sources say that you'll be able to spend real money on ammo synthesis packs, which would provide an alternative to grinding for them. More experienced Guardians will already know how important extra heavy and special ammo can be during particularly tricky Raid runs, which potentially makes this alleged implementation seem a little exploitative.

Admittedly, this rumour doesn't come at a great time for Destiny, with large amounts of players currently struggling to find a good reason to keep coming back to the sci-fi foray - especially when so many other games loom on the horizon.

Would you be happy with more microtransactions in Destiny? Are you satisfied with the title in its current form? Shake your head in the comments section below.