Rocketbirds 2 Screenshot

In a recent PlayStation Blog written by Sian Yue Tan, the creator of Rocketbirds, he mentioned that for the past four years his team have monitored what people liked and disliked about the original Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken game, and have configured it to people's liking to hatch Rocketbirds 2: Evolution.

To start off the tease, it released a rather interesting announcement trailer which featured soldiers, chickens, aliens, spaceships, and snazzy music. All you could ever want in a trailer, really.

Sian Yue Tan then moved on to talk about how in the original game you'd run through the story and the co-op mode, and that was the game. So he moved forward with the development of Rocketbirds 2: Evolution to help make himself more free and less arrogant about the state of Rocketbirds:

It kind of ate away at me that after you completed the game's Story and Co-op mode, you would have killed all the bad guys, solved all the puzzles, and "that" was pretty much "it".

The developer began to compare how much Rocketbirds has improved since the original to the current edition and makes it sound truly exciting:

My gut told me that we should build on Co-op mode and have customisable Budgie Commando characters with lots and lots of guns and items to collect. The mission objectives would revolve around rescuing hostages held prisoner in procedurally generated locations. Unlike the first Rocketbirds, this time round we wanted you to stack the hostage on your back and carry him or her to safety. With up to four players, a stack of Budgie Commandos can now get pretty high, like a lumbering "tower of death"!

You can read the whole article posted by Sian Yue Tan at the PlayStation Blog with a bunch of screenshots and interesting information which totally sells the game, such as the cross-buy feature where you can purchase the game on either PlayStation 4 or Vita and own it on both consoles.

Rocketbirds 2 Screenshot
Rocketbirds 2 Screenshot