Gun to go

Even though we weren't the biggest fans of isometric undead off-er Dead Nation, a new Housemarque title is always worth anticipating. And speaking on Twitter, the Finnish firm has revealed that Alienation will be charging its photon blaster in preparation for a 23rd March release. The game was previously listed for 2nd March on the UK PlayStation Store, but it sounds like it's been pushed back a bit.

Having spent a few minutes with the game last year, it plays a lot like the abovementioned zombie butcherer. You'll be using overpowered firearms in order to defeat waves of aliens in visually rich arenas – you can even detonate cars just like in the title's spiritual predecessor. This, alongside Shadow of the Beast and Gravity Rush Remastered, spells a very strong start to the year for Sony – and that's before it even brings out the big guns.