The man. The legend

Since creating one of the hottest consumer electronics products on the planet, Mark Cerny has faded back into the background – but his presence behind-the-scenes is likely as influential as ever. Fortunately, we may be about to get a little more insight into what the PlayStation 4 architect is up to, as he's just opened an official Twitter account. You'll probably want to follow it, so make sure that you do so through here.

His first tweet? Well, it's with Hideo Kojima, of course. "Spending my next ten days with this guy," he wrote. Kojima added that the double-act will be "searching for the newest technology" and that they will be embarking on a "world tour". We assume that the trip may have something to do with Kojima Productions' upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. Either way, we hear that standing within a 10-inch radius of Cerny instantly doubles one's IQ, so no wonder Kojima looks happy.

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