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Push Square Towers is already aboard the Firewatch-fuelled hype train, as we can't wait to get stuck in to the Wyoming-based adventure. And as its 9th February release nears, we're beginning to learn a little more about the title, which sees you assume the role of a ranger and deals with the relationship that you build with the lady on the other end of your handheld radio.

Speaking with WCCF Tech, designer and programmer Nels Anderson has revealed that the release will be about five to six hours long. "It's pretty hard to say since there's actually quite a lot of 'off the beaten path' areas in the game that players won't have to visit," he explained. "On average, I'd say maybe five to six hours. When I play it, it feels comparable to the length of a trilogy of movies."

Anderson also touched upon the possibility of PlayStation VR support. "We certainly think VR is cool, but given our very small team size, we don't have anything specific planned for VR right now," he said. "Getting a game that wasn't built specifically for VR to really feel good is actually quite challenging, so if we wanted to do something there, we'd need to roll up our sleeves and dig in."