We didn't really expect to see much of the PlayStation VR, did we? There were still some lingering hopes at Push Square Towers that the Japanese giant would finally set a release date and price point for the next-gen headwear, but alas, nothing was said on the matter and we're left dabbing some manly tears from our not-yet-PSVR-ed eyes.

The conference was more about Sony's other products than it was about PlayStation: televisions, cameras, and "high definition audio". Yeah, we're not entirely sure what that means either. To be fair, CES is all about consumer electronics, so it was just as likely that the firm would announce a next-gen portable fridge-freezer.

It's still very, very early on in the gaming year yet, so perhaps we'll see/hear/feel more in the coming months. E3 might seem like an age away, but we're already stocking up on Red Bulls for the busiest month on the gaming calendar. It'll be here in no time. Believe.

[source News: Live: Watch Sony's CES 2016 Press Conference Right Here]