At least we got to use this picture again

Embrace the nonsense because alongside that dumb-as-a-Jim-Carrey-and-Jeff-Daniels-double-act survey that's leaked, the silly circus has well and truly erected a tent on top of the as of yet unannounced Nintendo NX. Reports around the web earlier this morning suggested that the House of Mario's new piece of mysterious machinery could be compatible with the PlayStation 4, which caused raised eyebrows so high at Push Square Towers that we were able to give Roger Moore a run for his money.

The rumour starts, as all good ones do, with a cryptic Takahashi Mochizuki tweet which claims that Nintendo's forthcoming format may "work with smartphones, PCs, and even rival consoles such as the PS4". The Wall Street Journal scribe cited David Gibson as his source, a man of strong reputation lending credence to the spewing speculation. The problem is that Gibson isn't actually privy to any inside information on this occasion: he was spitballing as part of a recent report based upon a Nintendo patent filing that was unearthed in December.

That patent, as reported on by our sister site Nintendo Life, seemed to allude to some kind of hypothetical hardware that could draw power via supplementary computing devices. It all sounds a bit too Ken Kutaragi for our liking – after all, the ex-Sony engineer did intend for the CELL chip inside the PlayStation 3 to connect to all of your home electronics in order to create some kind of super computer. Unsurprisingly, it didn't happen.

Anyway, we've seen the report written by Gibson, and he makes clear that any interoperability between the Nintendo NX and PS4 is personal conjecture. "It's possible," he writes, "that the NX works with the PS4 or PCs which would be a major change for Nintendo and be a positive." It's also possible that we may win the lottery, buy a desert island, and live out the rest of our days in solitude with the band members of B*Witched, but that ain't going to happen. C'est la vie.

No, there's simply no way that the Nintendo NX and PS4 will be compatible – and nor would there be any need for them to be. There's a small sliver of a chance that the Japanese manufacturers may allow cross-platform play between their systems, but even that would be unprecedented, and it's got nothing to do with this rumour really. In other words, don't believe everything that you read on the Internet folks – there's usually a steaming pile of shite at the source.

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