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Psyonix has done an excellent job of keeping Rocket League fresh with new content and gameplay modifiers, and it looks like 2016 won't be an exception. On its Steam Community page, the San Diego-based team announced that the first season of competitive Rocket League will be brought to a close when a new update launches in February. If you haven't already, it's a good idea to get playing some Ranked matches, because if you've attained Bronze status or higher, you're in for a reward.

Any player who meets that requirement will earn a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Crown topper for their car, depending on the ranking that you finish the season on. It's worth noting that your crown will be the colour of your highest rank – for instance, if you got to Silver in 1v1 and Gold in 2v2, then you'd receive a Gold crown for your efforts.

Also introduced is a new colour-coordinated item classification system. Grey "Common" items are the usual stock items, Green "Premium" items are items from paid DLC, Orange "Limited" items are items acquired from limited-edition and seasonal items, and Light Blue "Uncommon" items can only be earned from online matches – many of which will be added in this new patch. What's interesting is that, the longer that you play online Rocket League, the more frequently Uncommon items will drop. It's a nice extra for the dedicated fans, and will probably encourage many to play the game more.

What rank are you hoping to get by the end of the season? Are you happy with Psyonix's support for the game? Spam "What a save!" whenever you score in the comments below!