Batman Arkham Knight PS4 PlayStation 4 DLC

In a recent news thread on the WBGames forums, the publisher has announced the release date for some new Batman: Arkham Knight downloadable content called the 'Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6', which was previously called the 'Community Challenge Pack'.

The post states that the deploy date for the content on the PlayStation 4 is 26th January. The pack will include the following maps:


  • Wayne Manor Main Hall (Batman: Arkham City)
  • Batcave (Batman: Arkham City)
  • Sanatorium, Medical Facility (Batman: Arkham Asylum)


  • Iceberg Lounge (Batman: Arkham City)
  • Crime Alley (Batman: Arkham Knight)
  • Monarch Theatre (Batman: Arkham City)

While this may already seem like a fair amount of content, all players will also receive the 'Batman Incorporated' skin. Finally, as a forewarning in the post, it's said that there will be a small-sized patch prior to the DLC release in order to prepare everything.