livelock ps4

Just announced for release on PlayStation 4 later this year, Livelock is a co-op, top-down shooter that features a heck of a lot of robots. The premise is interesting enough: in the 22nd Century, mankind is no more, and mechanical marauders wage a seemingly endless war across the Earth. Unsurprisingly, you'll take control of one of the title's three playable characters and put as many 'bots to the slaughter as you can.

Described as a challenging title that puts you up against overwhelming odds, it's clear from the game's first trailer that this is going to be a chaotic time for everyone involved. We're liking the looks of this one then, but can we ditch the dubstep, please? Oh, and while we're at it, the next person to say "360 no scope" like it holds any kind of comedic value can go ahead and get in the scrapheap.