Layers of Fear PlayStation 4 PS4 1

Oscar Wilde's iconic The Picture of Dorian Gray appears to have served as one of the key inspirations behind Layers of Fear, a forthcoming horror game from, well, Bloober Team. It's true that the Polish outfit doesn't exactly have the best track record on the PlayStation 4, but it's talking a good game here: its psychological escapade promises to explore an artist's descent into madness, as he works towards the creation of his Magum Opus.

Much like in Dorian Gray, the main character's slip into insanity will be reflected in his artwork, as well as the environments that serve as his primary influences. The developer's tried to eschew horror tropes and jump scares in favour of unsettling level design; rooms will twist and change while details will distort, and the only enemy appears to be the fragile state of the main character's mind. There's huge, huge potential in this concept – no doubt.

But the proof, as always, will be in the pudding. Can the Basement Crawl developer right its iffy track record with a genuinely thought-provoking piece, or will this upcoming release portray a monstrous visage like the one locked away in Gray's attic? We'll find out on 16th February in North America and Europe. Please be good!