Bleed red, blue, and white

The series which, alongside uDraw tablets, crippled THQ is back for another bite of the Paranoid America cherry. Homefront: The Revolution, which was originally going to be developed by Crytek, will finally be completed by Deep Silver's new Dambuster Studios – a long journey for a pretty ordinary looking first-person shooter.

The title takes some inspiration from the forgotten PlayStation 3 original, with North Korea assuming control of the USA – a situation which has the noisy natives restless. The Philadelphian map's divided into zones: the Red Zone is war torn, the Green Zone forms a base of operations for the KPA and its conspirators, while the Yellow Zone is where the people live in an "Orwellian" nightmare.

It sounds alright until you watch the trailer and realise that the title doesn't have anywhere near as much identity as its pretty press release prose would lead you to believe. You'll play as a freedom fighter, meaning that you'll… Sigh, conquer strongholds and liberate your hometown from the – oh, what's the point? You've played this kind of game before, right?

It's out on 17th May.